Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Love Me Live With Me

Visited the Love Me Live with Me - the Designed & Made wonder cart - a customised vintage handcart which has been travelling around London and the North East of England for Design Week. The miriad drawers and cupboards reveal a cornucopia of badges, glass, ceramics and a lot more including rats! The deal is if you receive a piece from the cart you have to live with it for a week and then pass it on.
My gift is a beautiful limited edition of 13 (mine is number 13) embroidery kit with a porecelain medal and a velvet cushion.

The postcards make good bookmarks - and possibly marraige invitation cards!
The vintage linen cover for the medal and cushion was printed with a bird so I have embroidered it with a strand of some of the threads inclided in the kit.

Teddy is wearing the medal to go with his Jacobite outfit made by Rachael Burns - the medal has the letters CS stamped into it - maybe for the Bonnie Prince.